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904L Stainless Steel Forged Fittings Supplier | ASTM A182 UNS N08904 | ASME / ANSI B16 11 | Socket Weld Fittings

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904l stainless steel forgings
Stainless Steel 904L Forge Fittings, Socket Weld Fittings and Oulets Manufacturer - ASTM A182/B459
We are Suppliers and Dealers of 904L Stainless Steel Forge Fittings, Socket weld Fittings, and Oulets. We specialise in manufacturing these industrial grade forge fittings in forms of elbow, nipple, plug, coupling, weldolet, sockolet under manufacturing standards ASTM A182/B459 and dimension standards ASME B16 11, ANSI B16 11.
Brand: Oshwin Overseas
Manufacturer: Ulma - Spain, Metalfar - Italy, Mellesi - Italy, oshwin overseas - India, Massoti - Italy. Siddhagiri - India
Model: Forge Fittings, Socket weld Fittings, Outlets

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904L Stainless Steel Forged Fittings | ASTM A182 904L | 904L Stainless Steel Socket Weld Elbow | Union | Tee | Plug | SS904L Threaded Forged Fittings

Stainless Steel 904L Forgings (Fittings) with ASTM A182 904l and ANSI B16 11 / ASME B16 11 also known as F904L are used in most Oil refinery components, seawater cooling devices , sulphuric acid, processing plants Etc. 904L Forged Fittings with UNS N08904 includes Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings, Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings. Forged Fittings (F904L) in form of Elbow, Elbow Fittings, 90 Degree Elbow (90° Elbow), 45 Degree Elbow (45° Elbow), Tee, Tee Fitting, Forged Tee, Cross, Union, Coupling, Forged Coupling, Half Coupling, Cap, Boss, Street Elbow, Reducing Coupling, Hex Head Bushing, Hex Head Plug, Square Head Plug, Round Head Plug, Bull Plug, Hex Nipple, Swage Nipple, etc. Oshwin Overseas is a professional Forged Fitting Manufacturers and Forged Fittings Suppliers fulfilling all the international standards like ASTM, JIS and AISI, GB Standards.

Oshwin Overseas offers 904L Stainless Steel Forgings (F904L) in different type such as Elbow, Elbow Fittings, 90 Degree Elbow (90° Elbow), 45 Degree Elbow (45° Elbow), Tee, Tee Fitting, Forged Tee, Cross, Union, Coupling, Forged Coupling, Half Coupling, Cap, Boss, Street Elbow, Reducing Coupling, Hex Head Bushing, Hex Head Plug, Square Head Plug, Round Head Plug, Bull Plug, Hex Nipple, Swage Nipple, Socket Weld Forged Fittings, Threaded Forged Fittings, Threaded Forged, NPT Fitting (National Forged Thread), Threaded Fittings, Forged Bushing, Steel Elbow, , Coupling Fitting, Nipple FittingsCoupling Forged, Elbow Forged, Forged Tee Fitting, Threaded Forged Nipples, Forged Fitting Nipple, Tee Forged Fittings, Forged Unions Couplings, Elbow Forged Fittings, Threaded Forged Coupling, Seamless Forged Fittings, Nipple Forged Fitting, Threaded Steel Forged Fittings, Tee Forged Fitting, Bushing Forged, Coupling Forged Fitting, Elbow Forged Fitting, Elbow Fittings, etc. of Thickness, Specification, Grades And Dimensions Like ASTM A403M / ASTM A403, B16 25, B366, ASTM B366 And Forged Fitting Sizes and Dimensions. Oshwin Overseas also supplies 904l Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings, Threaded Forged Fittings, 904L Forged Fittings.

904l steel Forging Specification

Grade: SS 904L /  WNR 1.4539 / UNS N08904 / AISI 904L / SUS 904L / INOX 904L / Alloy 904L / URANUS B6 / SEW 400 / 2RK65 / RVS 904L

Specifications: ASTM, ASME and API

Standards: ASTM A182, ASME B16 11, ANSI B16 11

Size: 1/8’’ to 36’’

Class: 150 Class, 300 Class, 600 Class, 900 Class, 1500 Class, 2500 Class, PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN64, etc.

Type or Form: Elbow, 90 Degree Elbow (90° Elbow), 45 Degree Elbow (45° Elbow), Tee, Forged Tee, Cross, Union, Coupling, Forged Coupling, Half Coupling, Cap, Boss, Street Elbow, Reducing Coupling, Hex Head Bushing, Hex Head Plug, Square Head Plug, Round Head Plug, Bull Plug, Hex Nipple, Swage Nipple, etc.

Due to presence of high nickel alloy 904L stainless steels offer good oxidation resistance. However, the structural stability of this grade collapses at high temperatures, particularly above 400°C. Even it has great resistance to warm seawater and chloride attack .UNS N08904 include all standard of stainless steel 316L and contain 6% molybdenum which makes it better than stainless steel 316L.

WNR 1.4539 Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings due to its good chemical composition and high nickel content are most demanded product and used grade in the industry.

Oshwin Overseas is a global supplier of 904l forgings .we provide all third party and test certificate to our client. We believe in providing superior quality as it is not only our task of completing order anyhow its matter of trust of our company in our clients mind. we provide fastest delivery and best material packaging.

904L Forge Fittings Corrosion Resistance

904L gives good resistance to both organic and inorganic acids.The addition of copper in 904L grade gives excellent corrosion resistance against nickel stainless steels, to sulphuric, phosphoric, acetic acids, hydrochloric acids, etc. It also gives a high resistance to pitting in chloride solutions, an excellent resistance to both crevice and stress corrosion cracking.The 904L is much better than austenitic stainless steels due to the higher alloying of nickel and molybdenum.The high percentage of chromium content in 904L gives and maintains a passive film which protects the material in many corrosive environments.

904L Forge Fittings Cold Forming

Cold forming 904L can be done easily. The composition of molybdenum and nitrogen implies more powerful processing equipment may be needed.Most of the time more common methods like cooling with air or water etc are used.

904L  Forge Fittings Hot Forming

Hot and heat forming should be done after uniform heating.Complete annealing should be done before any hot forming in order to retain maximum ductility and corrosion resistance property. It is very important that the whole process should be done above 1100°C.

904L Forge Fittings Machining

The machining of  904L  requires proper care to achieve the expected result. The cutting speed should be slow and proper care should be taken while doing so.

904L Forge Fittings Welding

The 904L material should be allowed to cool in between, preferably to below 150°C temperatures. To obtain good welding properties welded condition, filler material shall be used.Because of high thermal expansion, welding must be carefully planned in advance to ensure that distortion of the welded joint can be kept under control.

904L Forge Fittings Heat Treatment

The heat treatment should be accompanied by cooling in water or air immediately. This treatment should be applied for both solution annealing and stress relieving from the 904L material.

904L Forgings price:

  • US $20,000 ~ $22,000 – Per Ton


904L Inox  Forge Fittings Specifications:

Material - 904L Stainless steel forged FittingsFormDimension StandardSpecificationRaw Material
Socket FittingsLong/Short radius,elbow 45,elbow 180,elbow 1D,2D,3D,4D,5D,10D,Custom Radius elbowASME / ANSI B16.11ASTM / ASME A182/SA182 F904L
B564 / SB 564 UNS N08904
ASTM A182/B564 are made from 904L Stainless Steel Bar ASTM A276/469/679
Caps Are Made From 904L Stainless Steel Sheet and Plate ASTM A240
Threaded FittingsTee,cross,bend,busing,union,caps,plugs,coupling,hex plugsASME / ANSI B16.11
OutletsWelding outlets,Threading outlets,socket weld outlets,sweep outlets,Nipple outlets,Coupling outlets,Lateral outlets,Insert welding outlets,Flex outletMSS-SP-97

904L Stainless Steel Forge Fittings Dimensions:

Types of Forged Fittings fittings Form of Forged FittingsSize Range Dimension Standards
Socket Weld & ThreadedCaps and Plugs1/4" NB to 4" NB in Class 2000 , 3000, 6000, 9000ASME B16.11, ANSI B16.11
Tees and Elbows
Unions and Couplings

904L Stainless Steel Physical properties:

Elastic Modulus

Mean Co-eff of Thermal Expansion (µm/m/°C)
Thermal Conductivity
At 20°C11.5
At 500°C
Specific Heat 0-100°C
Elec Resistivity

904L Stainless Steel Chemical Composition:


904L Stainless Steel Mechanical Properties:

Tensile Strength (MPa) minYield Strength 0.2% Proof (MPa) minElongation (% in 50mm) minHardness
Rockwell B (HR B)
Brinell (HB)
4902203670-90 typical150

Oshwin Overseas, 904L Steel Forgings and Fittings Distributor:

We manufacture and supply all forms of Socket Weld Fittings, Forge Fittings and Outlets, Oshwin Overseas also provides various documents along with material such as test certificate , EN 10204 3.1, NACE MR 01075, 100% Radiography Test Report.Even we provide various inspection from Tecnimont ICB Limited(ICB), DET Norske Veritas (DNV), Fact Engineering And Design Organisation (FEDO), Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Ltd. (NPCL) and more. Testing such as PMI Testing, Pitting Resistance Test, Micro and Macro Testing.

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